Kotha IP Telephony Service

If you need a new telephone number for your home or business there's no longer any need to go to the trouble and expense of having a new telephone line installed. You can now have as many telephone numbers as you like – all you need is a good internet connection. All our telephone numbers come with a long list of advanced features and services too – features that are simply impossible for ordinary telephony - such as call transfer, call forwarding, music on hold and voicemail's sent by email and many more.

When you sign up with KOTHA IP Phone as per instruction, we give you a IP telephone number so that you can make calls and receive calls within any domestic operator or worldwide. IP telephone is not just other internet phones. We provide you a phone number 09666 XXX XXX at very attractive rates. You don't even have to have to press the full phone number; just press last three digit of number to reach to your group extension. Our numbers come with our full set of features including; Voicemail, Voice to email, Call Divert, Music on Hold, Divert, 3-Way Calling and much more.

If you're going out but still need to receive an important call, you can divert your KOTHA IP Phone calls to any number, anywhere. This is especially useful if you want to divert your calls to your mobile phone or a colleague's office or friends home. If you divert the call to another KOTHA IP Phone number or customer, or someone on another IPTSP network that has partnered with us, the call is totally free. If you transfer to someone with an ordinary telephone or a mobile phone anywhere in the world you will be charged at our standard low prices.


BDCOM is holding its leading position for all kind of IP Phone Service in Bangladesh.


BDCOM is delivering the most effective IP-PBX solution according to customer requirement.


BDCOM has design high end call center solution. It is highly customizable as per customer requirement.

Hosted Service

BDCOM also provides hosted service (Hotline, IP-PBX) for different small and medium business enterprises.

Short Code Service

BDCOM is delivered the short code parking service for different banking organization and enterprises.


BDCOM provides data connectivity maintaining several highly security level and firewalls which is suitable for different banking and non financial organization.


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About us

Kotha - Amader Phone is the IP-Telephony Service

Who We Are

BDCOM Online Limited is a trusted name for Internet Service, e-commerce Service, IT Infrastructure Development and Industry Standard Software. Since its inception BDCOM envisaged “Total Excellence” as its principle for guiding light, around which revolves its entire spectrum of activities. With the unique vision, BDCOM is the forerunner in the value centric service Market place and an architect of high value end-to-end ICT solutions and software for both National and International market.

BDCOM Continue its promise of delivering new and diversified technological service to its client and once again introducing a high value communication service IP Telephony Service.

BDCOM launches its high value, reliable, robust and next generation IP Telephony Service branded as “KOTHA”. KOTHA offers supreme voice quality along with many other inherent features like Video Calls; Voice messaging, Voice conferencing etc. hence with very competitive Call Rates. KOTHA offers free voice communication between its subscribers and all other IP Phone service providers.

BDCOM was incorporated as a private limited company on 12th February 1997, under the Companies Act, 1994, and registered with the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies. Subsequently, the Company has converted into a public limited company in 2001 with a view to float its share to the public.

our skills

Communicating and Conceptual Modeling
Successful 100 large installation
Critical integration
Dedicated R&D team
Tailor made solution
Understanding customer requirement
Knowledge of business legal issues

Our Team Member

team 1

Anowar Hasan Sabir, Sujon - Chief Information Officer - CIO

An experienced campaigner in the field of technology and social activity.

team 1

Tareq Hassan Abdullah - AGM

Head of Development (Software & IPTSP)

team 1

Mohiuddin Ahmed, Abir - AGM

Head of IPTSP Technical

team 1

Ariful Alam, Jewel - Manager

Software team manager.

team 1

Syed Rubel - Manager

IP-Telephony Service & ATM Phone Service installation, support, maintenance & Troubleshooting.

team 1

Md Jahid Hasan - Senior Executive

IP-Telephony Service Installation & Configure Asterisk IPPBX, Support, Maintenance & Troubleshooting.

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  • BDCOM Online Limited
  • Address: JL Bhaban (5th floor), House # 1, Road # 1, Gulshan Avenue
  •                Gulshan-1, Dhaka-1212, Bangladesh
  • IP Phone: +88 09666-666666
  • Fax: +88 02 8122789
  • E-mail: iptsp@bdcom.com
  • URL: www.bdcom.com