If you need a new telephone number for your home or business there's no longer any need to go to the trouble and expense of having a new telephone line installed. You can now have as many telephone numbers as you like – all you need is a good internet connection. All our telephone numbers come with a long list of advanced features and services too – features that are simply impossible for ordinary telephony - such as call transfer, call forwarding, music on hold and voicemail's sent by email and many more.

When you sign up with KOTHA IP Phone as per instruction, we give you a IP telephone number so that you can make calls and receive calls within any domestic operator or worldwide. IP telephone is not just other internet phones. We provide you a phone number 09666 XXX XXX at very attractive rates. You don't even have to have to press the full phone number; just press last three digit of number to reach to your group extension. Our numbers come with our full set of features including; Voicemail, Voice to email, Call Divert, Music on Hold, Divert, 3-Way Calling and much more.

If you're going out but still need to receive an important call, you can divert your KOTHA IP Phone calls to any number, anywhere. This is especially useful if you want to divert your calls to your mobile phone or a colleague's office or friends home. If you divert the call to another KOTHA IP Phone number or customer, or someone on another IPTSP network that has partnered with us, the call is totally free. If you transfer to someone with an ordinary telephone or a mobile phone anywhere in the world you will be charged at our standard low prices.

With KOTHA IP Phone you can record any call you make or receive at the press of a button - or you can record all calls all the time. You can play, pause and rewind your recordings anytime from our website or download and store them forever on your PC or server. Call recording used to be very expensive and difficult but with KOTHA IP Phone we’ve made it extremely simple and very affordable – in fact, just a few paisa per recording.

Voicemail is your digital answering machine, but unlike a normal answering machine you can get your messages from almost anywhere using KOTHA IP Phone, your mobile phone; from the Internet and even by email. You can record your own personal message directly, whenever you like, use the pre-programmed message that we provide or even use your own professionally recorded MP3 and upload it. You can even use KOTHA IP Phone’s Voice Artists to do it for you!

Sometimes when you’re dealing with a call you need to do something else, maybe get information from a colleague, make or take another call, look something up or just answer the door bell. With KOTHA IP Phone, you can put the caller on hold while you do whatever you need to do and while you’re away the caller will hear music until you’re ready to pick the call up again. There’s nothing to set up or configure – just press the hold or line button on your telephone.

Calls can be transferred to any telephone anywhere. You can even talk to the person you wish to transfer the call to before doing it – so you know that they are there and are able to accept it. Your callers hear music on hold during the transfer and if the call is transferred to another KOTHA IP Phone user or PBX telephone extension, no matter where it is transferred to - even internationally.

If you’re going out but still need to receive an important call, you can divert your KOTHA IP Phone calls to any number, anywhere. This is especially useful if you want to divert your calls to your mobile phone or a colleague’s office or friend’s home. If you divert the call to another KOTHA IP Phone number or customer, the call is totally free. Note: this feature does not even require broadband; many small businesses use it simply so they can have a second telephone number for their business.

If you’re having a busy day, you’ll probably make and receive a lot of calls. Once upon a time people calling you would get a frustrating engaged tone. Now, with KOTHA IP Phone, you know when someone is calling, even if you’re using the phone at the time. So you can put your first caller on hold and answer the second then toggle between them as much as you like. Because you can view incoming caller identity, you can even see who’s calling before you decide to answer.

You can hold a conference with any number of people to last as long as you like, any time you like. You can think of it as a room that we build for you when you register - it’s always open for you and your guests to walk into, anytime. Any KOTHA IP Phone customer can use this service for free when calling from the KOTHA IP Phone network. Your colleagues and friends can also join from any ordinary telephone anywhere in the world, even if they are not a KOTHA IP Phone customer.

With normal telephony you can have only one telephone call on one telephone line at once. To get more simultaneous calls you have to install - and pay for - more lines. With KOTHA IP Phone that all changes. With KOTHA IP Phone you can have as many calls on your ‘line’ as you and your equipment can handle. We can help you work out what you need and how to get the most out of your IP phone service.

If your telephone or adapter supports it, you can be notified that you have a voicemail message waiting. This will either be a flashing light (telephones) or stuttered dial tone (adapters and telephones) or sometimes an occasional ring (adapters); you need to check your manual to see how to switch this function off and on and how to receive the message.

When you use KOTHA IP Phone to call another KOTHA IP Phone customer, extension or telephone number, the call is totally free. It doesn’t matter where the called party is – the call is free to anywhere in Bangladesh. Additionally, KOTHA IP Phone is a promoter of open networks, so if the person you want to call also has an open network policy too, that call will be free too. You don’t pay for emails every time you send one – why should you pay for calls that way?!

It’s often useful to bring someone else into your phone call - to help out with a problem or make arranging a meeting easier. Quite often too, another call comes in whilst you’re already talking to someone else - with the click of a button you can join all the calls together. This works for any telephone call - landline or mobile - but if all the calls are from KOTHA IP Phone customers the calls are free too.

KOTHA IP Phone gives you online, real time access to records of all the calls you have made, received or missed. You can see details of all the calls you have ever made showing; the date and time, the destination, the duration and the cost for each call and the total cost of all the calls in the period. This is a permanent record so that you can have total budgetary control of your KOTHA IP Phone usage. You may also download your call records to a spreadsheet for analysis.

With KOTHA IP Phone’s On Line Control Panel you can manage your account in real time, from your own PC or any other PC, securely, from anywhere in the world. From the Panel you can view an itemized record of all the calls you’ve made and received, see your account balance and top it up, upgrade to other services or cancel one you no longer need. You can edit your details and update registered phone numbers at any time.

We do not restrict the number of simultaneous calls you can make or receive on your telephone - you are limited only by your own telephone equipment and your internet bandwidth. For example, our free soft phone can handle 3 telephone calls at once whilst the snom 360 has 12 lines. You can also have an unlimited telephone numbers on your account that can each ring your telephone. You no longer need a physical telephone line per telephone number!

Your telephone sends a signal through our network to the telephone you are calling. If the called telephone has a display (like a mobile phone) it will show your telephone number. This is a useful feature – for instance if the person called has your name in his address list it will display the name not just the number and if you send your number he can call you back.